Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30th Annual Quartzsite RV Show

Your impression of Quartzsite can vary greatly, depending on when you visit. There are fewer than 4,000 permanent residents in the town - a natural response to temperatures that can exceed 120 degrees F. In the winter, the area hosts well in excess of 500,000 RVers (one site suggests more than a million.)

In addition to the typically nice winter weather and very inexpensive camping, Quartzsite is home to a very large annual RV show and multiple flea markets. The big tent houses about 300 booths with anything remotely interesting to RVers. This year LED replacement bulbs were highly popular.

There were more displays around the outside of the big tent, less crowded because of the overcast and because it was nearing the end of the 10 day show.

We didn't bother to even walk through the area filled with new and used RVs for those who thought something new would be better than what they currently had.

In many ways, the flea market area was more interesting with all sorts of stuff you wouldn't expect. Quartzsite was not the place I expected to find Alaska seafood for sale. (Click on the photo for a larger version)

Or discount drugs,

Or gunny sacks at $4 each - or 3 for $10 if you needed more,

Or egg crates in small or large sizes.

But best of all, if you wanted to take the time, you could join the 5400 others who had passed the test for their concealed carry permit at one of the Quartzsite flea markets.

Ivan's Roadtrip 2013 blog from January 26th includes a number of aerial views of Quartzsite shot during the show (Scroll down in his blog for the aerial views).

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