Saturday, January 12, 2013

Georgetown, Cayman Islands

Our stop at Grand Cayman was the only one that required the use of tenders.  The reefs near the shore were quite shallow with less than sixty feet under the bow where we anchored and over 1000’ feet under the stern.

With the exception of international banking, the primary business in the Cayman Islands appears to be diving and other water sport.  Jeff and Carleta went diving as planned, while BJ and Kelli went snorkeling.  Had I known beforehand that there was a hydro jetpack available, I would have joined the others in getting wet.

Instead, I went hunting for the Burger King since they had free wireless available so that I could post the Key West post.  You'll note in the foreground of this picture people snorkling on Cheeseburger Reef - no joke!

The area near the docks was built up with lots of shops, most wanting to sell you diamonds.  BJ tells me she picked out a very nice necklace priced at $90,000 U.S.  She left it where she found it!  Housing prices seem to be commensurately expensive so we won’t be settling here, not even in the area advertised as having good (10’) elevation. 

Back to the ship for me.

Sorry the trip posts have been slow - I'll have three more posts about the Disney cruise, coming up in the next few days.

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