Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Friends of Helen, Day 3

Kathy, Willie, and I got an early start to avoid congestion at the ramp at Picacho as well as the ramp at Fisher's Landing. We benefited from some smooth water for a while as well. You do learn to step around the burro droppings, especially if they're fresh!

While Kathy and I paddled along near the grass on the edge, watching the coots duck into the bushes, Willie picked a line closer to the center where he could more easily notice signs of the mining history in the area.

We stopped in at one of the "lakes" on river left about river mile 59 or so since the access point was more open than sometimes.  The grass forms a tunnel as we return to the river.

Further down the river we met the Yuma River Tours jetboat coming up stream but he selected the other side of the river for his route.  But the picture isn't about the boat, it's about the bald eagle on the sandbar between us and the jetboat.  When others in the group came along, the eagle had a fish.  Folks on the trip also saw osprey and peregrine.

At the take-out, we were able to get our boats and gear loaded before others starting arriving and even had an opportunity to confirm the quality of the hamburgers at Fisher's Landing.

A big thanks to Helen Howard at Desert River Outfitters for her friendship and for organizing the considerable shuttle logistics that makes this trip viable.

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