Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fortuna Pond

This location was mentioned in a blog about a year ago and caught my attention. It's a small pond that is stocked for fishing but is not well known and is a little challenging to find because of all the diversion dikes and dead-end dirt roads. The majority of the people here seem to be attracted by the fishing although I didn't see them catching much.

With the exception of the immediate area, it is surrounded by farming - primarily green (and other color) leafy vegetables this time of year.

The pond is on BLM land and has no services.  There is a 14 day camping limit. I counted 17 different units when I walked around the pond, including one tent and one tent trailer.  Over half of the units were lined up nose to tail in one section.

I was able to select a spot that was more  solitary, featuring reflections of fall colors.  Daytime temp was about 75 and it got down to able 45 at night although it had been significantly colder the previous week.

This one is going on my "wanna return here" list.

One bar of Verizon bumped to five bars with the antenna and amplifier.


  1. Beautiful photos! And a beautiful spot to sit and watch the ducks! I'm curious about the "fall" picture. Those look like deciduous trees whose leaves have turned but not fallen. But it's late January. Do you know what they are?

    1. I'm not sure but suspect they're cottonwood. It WAS fall around here a couple weeks ago with our first (and hopefully last) frost of the year. I think it's spring now - we prefer to skip winter entirely!

  2. I enjoyed Fortuna Pond last year. It was peaceful. I'm looking forward to a return visit next month. :)