Friday, February 1, 2013

Salvation Mountain

This wasn't my original plan, but in search of weather warmer than was forecast for my planned destination, I decided to head southwest from Quartzsite to see Salvation Mountain. Salvation Mountain is a 30 year project by Leonard Knight and has become quite famous. Unfortunately, with failing health, Mr. Knight is now in a convalescent center.

The mountain is built against a hill, shaped with bales of straw, and then covered with adobe. Multiple (and on-going) coats of paint are used to waterproof the adobe.

Adjacent to the mountain is a "museum" structure that is only partly completed, clearly showing the construction technique. In this structure, he inserted found items including auto glass for windows.

The mountain has been recognized as folk art by the Folk Art Society of America, highlighted in the US Senate in 2002, included in a number of films, and mentioned in a multitude of newspaper and magazine articles.

There are two old trucks parked just beyond the Sea of Galilee with cabins built on them, absolutely covered with text and artwork. The White (brand) truck in the foreground was Leonard's home for many years.

The door at the back of the Chevy truck (background above) is worth a close-up. The raised text is created with a window putty product that hardens and then is painted to highlight the lettering.

I'm glad I visited. Given the materials used, without extensive effort it is not likely that Salvation Mountain will last, unlike Christ's gift.

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