Friday, February 8, 2013

Quartzsite Gathering

More and more trailers have arrived and I've lost count. Here's some pictures - lots of white eggs, and then some that are a bit more unique.

A Trillium 5500 from Ontario has been here for a couple weeks.

Four Scamp 19s are here currently with a fifth due to arrive today. Three of the four currently here are deluxe versions.

This Casita is nicely individualized.

There is one all electric Lil Snoozy in attendance.

Here's one with a vintage style awning on a Casita and a nice trunk in the rear receiver.

There are a couple units around with these very nice, hand crafted screen rooms.

A new Scamp 13 is in attendance all the way from New York, still sporting the factory plastic wrap on the LP bottles.

Two BigFoot (Big Feet??) stopped by for a couple hours on their way out to town to say hello to a couple other BF trailers in attendance. There's at least one U-Haul and one Boler here but I don't have pictures of them yet.

There are a few creative signs - I especially enjoy the one warning of an Attack Flamingo.

And there are a number of dogs in attendance including some small ones like Phil & Catherine's Niki and some tall ones like the Greyhounds I've seen.

These are Thursday's pictures - it's now Friday morning, so I guess the party has officially started in spite of the breezy  and cooler weather.

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  1. Looking at the brand new Scamp 13 from NY and it show the very low stance
    P & C