Saturday, September 1, 2012

The End of the Road

While the title might be applicable to a number of situations, don't go jumping to too many conclusions! I've always enjoyed traveling to the end of the road, be it the west end of Route 66 in Santa Monica, the north end of 101 in Lund, BC, or the end of an occasional logging road. Our son made my day when he sent a couple pictures from Deadhorse, Alaska. This is the stop sign at the north end of the Dalton Highway, aka the Haul Road. I really want to include this road on the Alaska trip next summer.

The second picture is self explanatory and all the more reason to visit. The sign was hanging on the counter in the terminal while he was waiting for his flight to turn around.

Just a bit over four months until we can start visiting the ends of more roads!  If our shingle is hung out, stop by to visit.

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