Sunday, September 30, 2012

Green River Friends

A memorable trip with a wonderful group of friends!

Before (Clean)
After (River Clean)

And some of our other animate and inanimate "friends"

Studious photographer and the custom flag.  The flag has significance to Edward Abbey fans.
 Had quite a few toads on this trip.
 What can we say?
The lizard showed up in various places, always with the beads.
 Might be cold, but it was comforting.
Devon, one of the owners of Tex's Riverways, giving his preflight safety speech - complete with a seatbelt.

Float Pictures

 Kelli at Mineral Bottom
 Kathy & Willy at Mineral Bottom
 Willy was the leading expert for relaxed "paddling"
 Kathy & BJ

Camp Pictures

 Cooking in the rain
 Blowtorch lady!
 Beats working
 Somebody has to do it
 Mother & Daughter
 Just exploring
Dinner time

Shuttle Pictures




  1. I finished reading the blog and can't wait for you to retire. Love the scamp, I'm thinking about getting a 13. Good luck with the rest of the year.

    1. I'd strongly encourage attending one or more egg meets before you make your final decision on a trailer. You'll get lots of opportunity to see what works and doesn't work for others with your interests.

  2. In every picture, I see smiles. What more can be said about the fun you were having. There's nothing like spending time with a great group of friends.

    1. The whole week was smiles! Lots of laughs, especially in the evening during and after dinner.