Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Phlip-It Latches

In compact trailers, every inch counts. While the stock door latches work, the latch post is an obstacle for the vertical opening doors. A friend introduced me to the Phlip-It latch last year but since the stock latches were working, I was slow to see the advantage. My wife really didn't like the stock latch because her organizing bins would get hung up on the post.

I don't have any connection to the replacement latch we're using but love it for the simplicity and ease of installation. They come two (a left and a right) to a package, post paid from the designer / sole source. The picture shows the pieces that make up one latch.

As long as I was fixing "her" door in the loft, I decided to do a latchetomy on the doors over the dinette where my clothes are stowed. The arm is attached with a stainless screw with a flat washer and a split lockwasher. They're super simple to install on the wood cabinets in the Deluxe. It may take a bit of extra effort for the brass stop screw in the standard fiberglass cabinets.

It makes a clean and relatively unobtrusive installation.


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