Sunday, September 30, 2012

Green River - Day 6

Friday, September 28 - The sunrise is reflected on the western wall of the Colorado River at the confluence on jetboat day.

This year the whole crew got shirts.

We got everything organized and folks had just settled in to wait when the jetboat arrived and started loading.

Boats load first, then the freight.

The 46 mile trip up the Colorado River to Potash now takes a bit over 2 hours depending on how long  the optional stop at Lathrop Canyon takes.  The Colorado side of Canyonlands National Park is just as beautiful as the Green River side.

At Potash, the jetboat blows up onto the trailer for the trip to town.

All the passengers get the yellow limousine for their trip from Potash back to the office in Moab.

The boats are unloaded from the jetboat when we all get back to the office.  It's a very efficient shuttle system owned and operated by great people.  The jetboat is a great summary to a wonderful week.

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