Sunday, September 30, 2012

Green River - Day 5

Thursday, September 27 -- We woke to a beautiful day and no rain last night.  After breakfast the boats were packed and we headed downstream, knowing that it would be our last paddling day.

We waved at the structure in the mouth of Jasper Canyon as we went by.

Folks started realizing that we were running out of river, and paddling was replaced with lots of drifting.

With no wind, the reflections were wonderful!

About mile 4, Kelli & Kathy switched places for the last few miles.

All too soon, we were spotting the turtle at the top of the rim on the east side of the Colorado river, signifying the confluence was only about 10 minutes away.

We picked a spot on the sandbar just below the confluence where it would be easy for the jetboat to land the next morning, and proceeded to set up camp and then cleaned and stacked the boats on a tarp to avoid getting sand in the shuttle boat.

  This year, the glow sticks were joined by soft rubber balls with strobe lights - really tough to catch a ball in the dark when it's lit by a strobe!

Last night on the river -- at least the last night on this river for this year.

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