Saturday, September 15, 2012


Days like today make us realize some of the wonderful friends we have.  We're especially privileged to have several of them joining us for a trip departing about a week from now on the Stillwater Canyon section of the Green River.  Unfortunately, it's not possible to arrange it so all our good friends can go. Work, health, and logistics have limited who is actually able to join us but it is going to be a special week with those that can.

Today we were able to get a spur of the moment road trip in to pick up a borrowed kayak from one of the friends who isn't able to join us this time since she has 17 of her friends and colleagues joining her on the same trip starting about 4 days behind us. Helen has probably paddled more miles with BJ and I than any of our other friends over the past dozen years. She now runs a kayak and canoe rental in Bullhead, but was the first to offer when we needed to borrow one more sit-on-top kayak to fill out the flotilla departing next weekend.

One of our other friends is joining us on this trip for the second time. She's wanted to go before but each year would get aced out of vacation time by a person at the office. She wanted to try a sit-on-top this trip instead of her normal touring kayak, and Helen made it possible. And yet another friend will pick up the kayak in Moab when we're finished with it and return it to Bullhead. A whole circle of friends and a fun road trip in preparation for a river trip - made for a great Saturday!  Now to finish sorting gear.

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