Sunday, September 30, 2012

Green River - Day 3

Tuesday, September 25 -- Once again we had a few minutes of hard rain early this morning, and even though we took our time getting on the river, we still packed up wet tents.  We were on the river by 10 a.m.,  but not in a big hurry since we all wanted to drift slowly while checking out granaries on river left across from upper Valentine Bottom. The remains of this structure is the most obvious because of the square corner but is certainly not the only one.

Three smaller granaries are located a bit further downstream, but in the same strata.

Sandbars come and go every year.  I was surprised to find a very large (and high) sandbar at mile 29.  "Lawn Chair Man," a solo traveler, passed us the previous evening and was just breaking camp as we went by.

We stopped for a quick lunch across from the "Guard Tower" near river mile 26.

The view back upstream from our lunch stop took in parts of Holeman Springs Basin.  Out of the frame to the left (northwest), dark clouds are starting to form.

We made a run for Turks Head, hoping that we would find an available sandbar on the north end.  As we passed Tuxedo Bottom, the clouds were getting darker and thunder was starting to rumble but we weren't seeing any lightening.

There was a usable sandbar at the north end of Turks Head this year.  It hasn't been there the past four years.  We landed just as the rain started to pour for a short while, and then got our tents set up and made camp.

About 4 p.m. it started to rain again so we all headed to our tents for a nap or a book.

The weather cleared in time to make pizza for dinner.

The sun lit up the wall east of camp as it set.  Another wonderful day on the river!

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