Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Packing and Toe Tapping

This is the part of a trip that I find both fun and frustrating. Fun because packing leads to anticipation of what the trip may bring. Frustrating because I'd like to move the start date forward - can we go now?? Some of the boats that will be making the trip have displaced BJ's car so we can start sorting out paddles, PFDs, throw bags, etc. Meanwhile, the trailer is left home this trip.

The house is sporting three small piles of packed gear that will join the boats in the garage in a couple days. Her stuff, my stuff, and our stuff - aka kitchen and food stuff. Everything gets loaded in and on the truck Friday after work for a sunrise departure Saturday morning.

Her Stuff
My Stuff

Our Stuff
This is the tenth time we've launched a flat water trip on the Green River in Utah.  Every trip has been different, but every one has been special.  Looking forward to another great trip with good friends.


  1. Would truly love to be able to join you guys on your trip. It would be another checkmark on the bucket list. Isn't it amazing how "her stuff" is always the biggest bundle?

    1. Sure hope you're able to come to Quartzsite this year.

      The Green is a really fun trip. We'll end up with six days on the water this year. I'm not fussing about the size of the "her stuff" pile. She's got all of her stuff plus all the food for three of us plus five gallons of water in her boat. I'm sharing the canoe with our daughter - we'll have lots of room but we do end up with the "groover" (aka toilet) for the group.

      Trust you're making progress on the cleanup after the hurricane.