Wednesday, May 27, 2015


One of the advantages of my loving wife having conceived and borne an airline pilot (I was involved but she did the hard work) is the opportunity to play Non-Rev Roulette. Actually, now that I've retired, it's actually sort of fun and a good excuse for people watching at the airport if you guess wrong. With less than 48 hours to go, the numbers were looking pretty good, especially for the first leg.

Last year the Alaska contingent bought a new travel trailer and now it needs a solar installation. Most of the "stuff" was shipped direct, but every time I walked through the shop I added a bit more little "stuff" to the "just in case" pile. I guess we'll know if we remembered every thing after we get the installation finished.

After I got home from the Utah trip, we added a second hotspot to our arsenal. The new one is a 5 gig plan on AT&T, intended to be a backup when I'm in one place and BJ's in another. I'm going to gamble and take the AT&T unit. When we spent the summer in Alaska in 2013, Verizon didn't have very good coverage.

I rarely check bags, but I could see this one raising eyebrows at security so we'll gamble on checking a bag. Hopefully we'll get there the same time it does.

This is fun. A day or two to install solar and some 12 volt outlets and then 10 days or so of "testing" it on the Kenai Peninsula. Maybe even some Halibut fishing.


  1. Sounds like hard work, but someone has to do it...:-)

    1. It's been really tough duty, but worth it. Spencer taught me a new skill and I'll be carrying some frozen memories with me when I head south on Saturday.