Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nosing Around

April 16th -- One of the wonderful things about Cedar Mesa is the plethora of ruins. Those that I’ve shared to this point have been published in various printed and online resources, so I’ve been able to share. In order to reduce the possibility of increased visitation and potential damage, it is preferred that people not share pictures AND locations in public venues.

As I was chatting with some hikers who were very familiar with the area, they gave me some good advice. If you’re driving down a road and see a track, follow it. You’ll likely see ruins if you keep your eyes peeled. With that in mind, here’s what I found on an afternoon wander.

This one was hiding behind the tree so I had to climb a bit to get a better angle.

That better angle exposed this set of remains, shot with 26x zoom.

Nearby were three other locations. This one was the most impressive with at least 5 separate construction projects.

This one didn’t survive the test of time – a slight issue when the ceiling collapses!

The construction of this one was cruder than the others. Additionally, it was situated amazingly close to a dry fall – could have been an interesting location in a heavy rain.

It was interesting to see that there wasn’t an overabundance of traffic in the area. The other set of shoe prints was much more recent than the last tire marks, and the assorted animal tracks appeared to be even more recent than the shoe tread.

All in all, a wonderful time of exploration, made much easier with a quality topo map from amTopo.

This post was uploaded and scheduled using wifi from my site at Sand Creek RV Park in Torrey, Utah.


  1. You have a good nose for finding the extraordinary..jc

  2. Those look amazing! Thanks so much for the ride through Zion's John! It's not everyone who stops to pick up a wayfaring hitchhiker :)