Friday, May 1, 2015

Fence Ruins

April 15th -- Arch Canyon drains into Comb Wash about 2.7 miles north of Highway 95 on County Road 205. The road is not identified by number where it intersects Highway 95, but there is a sign readable by east bound traffic indicating it is 2 miles to Arch Canyon. They must use longer miles.

At about the ½ mile mark, the road passes through an orphan section of Ute Mountain Indian Reservation. Every possible turn or pull-off is clearly marked as such.

This fence marks the northern border of the Indian parcel. Just beyond it are some parking spots – a good spot to start ambling up the canyon. The 4WD road continues up the canyon until it runs off the edge of the map – I’m not exactly sure what happens at that point! I’ve seen mention of 18 mile r/t overnight hikes from this point, but I wasn’t prepared for that.

The remains of the “fence ruins” are somewhat concealed by the overgrown mounds of rubble in front of them. One theory is that these structures were demolished by the inhabitants when they left the area. As you look around, it’s obvious that at one time it had been a very large structure.

I started at the western end of the obvious fence. Reports are that these ruins were fenced to prevent further destruction.

There is solitary faded sign on the fence. The faded part read “Who Passed This Way? Please Don’t Erase The Traces Of America’s Past.”

I was able to get these pictures from the fence.

Same structure, different angle

There were several other walls spaced out along the cliff.

You could see places where roof beams had intersected the cliff or the walls.

At the far right hand (as you’re facing it) end of the fence line was a sign.
There are some well-known arches and structures 7+ miles up the canyon and apparently other scattered along the way. Someday I’d like to come back geared for an overnight.

For 4WD enthusiasts, there are apparently a couple places that you can reach the rim of the canyon close to the upper end.

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