Sunday, May 17, 2015

Wall Street Crashed!

April 23 – Wall Street is possibly one of the best known features below the rim at Bryce Canyon National Park. Unfortunately, it crashed – or at least a portion of it did – closing that section of trail.

Instead, I headed over to Sunrise Point to pick up the Queen Garden Trail. A very well-maintained trail, I might add. Without a doubt, the nicest trail I’ve been on in – maybe forever.

It’s not a solitary experience. Maybe that’s because the very nice Map & Hiking Guide they hand you at the park entrance says in bold text, “If you’re lazy enough to do just one If you can do only one, the Queens / Navajo Combination Loop might be the best one.” 2.9 miles with 600 feet elevation change.

As soon as you drop below the rim, the views improve. The clouds and high 50’s temps made the Pendleton feel good, at least for the first two miles, the vast majority of which was downhill.

The upper portion of the trail had multiple portals cut in the fins. As always, click on any photo for a larger version.

The double bridge was in a little side canyon.

The Guide had recommended this route be done in a clockwise direction, apparently to save the best for last. The squiggle portion on the map was amazingly well-built,

but, looked much better from the top of the switchbacks.

Unfortunately, just because the stacked switchbacks were over, it didn’t mean the trail was finished,

but it did make a nice spot to appreciate the view for a moment.

With the Wall Street section closed, the loop actually measured 2.7 miles. The Guide said 2-3 hours, but I was done in 1:40 including stopping for 95 pictures. It was a wonderful hike and I'm really glad I didn't it in the summer.


  1. That section of trail was closed last May when we were there. Apparently the NPS feel the need to reopen it.

    1. I got the impression from the conversation I overheard with one of the trail maintenance crew that the crash this time was big enough that they may not reopen that section at all.

  2. Replies
    1. If you haven't been there you need to put it on your list but it is high so it's not a winter destination.