Friday, May 15, 2015

Up Again!

April 23 – I left my overpriced overflow spot at Kodachrome State Park, headed up the road. I guess I shouldn’t fuss about the price since I paid it, but I’ve seen BLM campgrounds that looked as good for half the price, before a geezer discount. The state park elevation was low enough that it barely touched freezing overnight.

I couldn’t resist stopping for a photo as I rolled through the big town of Cannonville. With the exception of a new motel building, this seemed to sum it up. I should have asked about the origin of the town’s name. It certainly didn’t seem like a confrontational spot.

It wasn’t very far out of town when the scenery took on a distinctive new look.

About 20 miles later, I found myself a spot in Bryce National Park’s Sunset Campground. It was nice to be early with lots of choices – they filled last night. I drove through the North Campground first, hoping to find a spot that would orient the trailer for sun on the solar panel – this was the best I found.

With a spot for the trailer taken care of, I headed on up to the end of the road at Rainbow Point and proceeded to do the lazy tourist thing. Here’s a bit of what was showing within steps of the road as headed back down the road to my 8000 ft. elevation campsite.

This, and the next two, were from Bryce Point.

And, yes, there were hikers down there!


  1. Have hiked that trail both directions. Hope to do it again one day.

    1. Like pretty much everywhere else that I visited on the trip, Bryce needs lots more time than I gave it! One hike was not enough!