Saturday, October 12, 2013

Green River, Day 9

Actually, the title is a bit misleading - we spent the day at Spanish Bottom on the Colorado River about 3 miles below the confluence. It was a lazy day for me, waiting for the sun to start showing on the cliffs at the lower end of Spanish Bottom

before starting to fix breakfast. It was an oatmeal, fruit, and coffee morning. Always something quick and easy although I'd planned to do cinnamon rolls before the stove decided that half-hot was hot enough.

There were a lot of tracks around the tent this morning but whatever it was hadn't bothered me and more importantly, didn't start gnawing on my drybags.

With the boat cleaned of most all of the mud from the trip,

the remainder of the day was spent sitting in the shade. Some of the others headed for the first rapids in Cataract Canyon to watch rafts go through and a couple headed up the trail to visit the Doll House rock formations.

I figured watching the rock formations was enough effort for me.

It really was a tough day!

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