Sunday, October 6, 2013

Green River, Day 3

Amazingly, we started the morning with smooth water, but it didn't take long  before we were working against a stiff south wind again.

We stopped at the River Register site on river left at mile 77.5 to check out some of the inscriptions. Some date back to early river runners, but lots of others are relatively current graffiti - a practice the BLM and most visitors would like to see stopped.

Eventually, after working strong headwinds in the southbound section past the former Hey Joe mine, we arrived at the only spot we could find to unload near the trail to the Bowknot overlook. It was a steep spot but worth the work

for a campsite on the bench above. There used to be some beach access further upstream but I wasn't able to locate where that had been.

Once we were unloaded, several decided to scramble up to the overlook

where you could see back up the river on the north side of the bend

as well as the river on the south side of the bend. While these two points of the river are very close to one another, it takes about 7 miles of river travel to get from the north side to the opposite side of Bowknot Bend.

While the rest of the crew was checking out where we would be going tomorrow, I was back in camp watching the light change on the canyon walls and the clouds change as they scudded overhead. We did have a bit of rain and lots of wind overnight.

Water flow for the day was approximately 2240 cfs with winds forecast for 20 knots with gusts to 30. We were fortunate that we didn't experience that wind consistently.

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