Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Green River, Day 6

We were slow getting on the water on Sunday morning. Our home the night before was low and damp. That dampness along with the cooler night temperatures led to lots of condensation on the inside and the outside of the tent rainfly. We waited awhile so some of that moisture could dry off.

Once we were on the water we were treated to wonderful, smooth reflections as we started the loop around Fort Bottom,

and continued along Potato Bottom, successfully reading the river and avoiding the several shoals along the way.

The Buttes of the Cross, named by John Wesley Powell during his early exploration of the area, showed up as we made the corner between Potato Bottom and Beaver Bottom.

With the water flow relatively low, I expected more action at the Millard Canyon riffle. We all ran it just left of the wave train - should have run just right of the wave train for a little deeper water.

We stopped at Anderson Bottom so the first timers could see the petroglyphs. The takeout was a bit better than usual, but still had a very muddy first step.

The campsite at the cottonwood tree now has some addition logs placed for seating. One looked like a dragon.

Rather than stay at or near Anderson Bottom as we have in the past, we continued past Unknown Bottom towards Valentine Bottom. The hope was to save an extra day for Spanish Bottom at the end of the trip.

Home for the night was the remnants of a sandbar at the north end of Valentine Bottom, about river mile 27.9 or so. While the takeout was muddy,

the light on the walls across the river was beautiful!

Water flow for the day was approximately 2200 cfs and the breezes were light and variable.

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