Friday, October 11, 2013

Green River, Day 8

I got caught in the act making breakfast - granola, fruit, and coffee - before packing up the campsite and loading the canoe.

Once we were on the river, it became real. Like every trip, we were running out of river sooner than I would like.

We stopped at Jasper Canyon so that the first timers could see the structure there. The tammies have grown enough since the fire that it is no longer visible from the river.

Our desired destination for the day was the confluence of the Green & Colorado Rivers. In most years there is a large (sometimes very large) sandbar there but this year it was very small, low, and muddy with a very shallow approach.

We continued 3 miles down the Colorado river to the upper camp at Spanish Bottom. Parts of it had burnt since last year but the sandbar was large enough for our group and the two other guys that had been leveraging our experience since our initial launch.

After dinner, we resort to the same activities - watching the light change on the canyon walls and then enjoying another clear night sky.

Water flow on the Green was approximately 2000 cfs for the day.

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