Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Green River, Day 5

The launch ramp was still bottled up Saturday morning as the last cataraft went in the water. The fifth person in our party arrived as did another party with two canoes. It was about 11:30 before we got away from Mineral Bottom

but the weather and the scenery were beautiful. It was warm enough that it was a "dip your hat in the water" day.

We played hopscotch with the rafts a couple times today, catching them both before and after our lunch break.

We entered Canyonlands National Park about river mile 46.7 on Saturday, September 28th, aware that if the situation in Washington continued we could very likely be one of the last groups to enjoy this section of the river this year.

Home for the night was a sandbar across from the north side of Fort Bottom. We would have liked to have camped at Fort Bottom, but the sandbar there was very small and mostly muddy.

Although this spot seems to often be colder than others on the river, it's a favorite because of the way the sunset plays on the cliffs. Once again we were treated to wonderful colors.

Water flows for the day were about 2200 cfs. Weather was warm with light breezes.


  1. Really enjoying your journey. Glad you were able to beat the shutdown.

    1. So am I. BJ was scheduled to do the Stillwater section with a couple of her BF hiking gals but wasn't able to get a permit since her trip started October 6. She's doing the upper Labyrinth section since it is managed by BLM in partnership with the State of Utah. The BLM is out of the picture but the partnership is enough to keep it open.