Sunday, October 6, 2013

Green River, Day 2

Forecasts were calling for growing winds today with gusts up to 40 mph. It was 9 am before we launched and the winds were already starting to build.

We worked our way down river, leveraging the wind shadows as much as possible and taking it head on in the southerly sections of the canyon. There weren't any pictures of the really windy areas - we were too busy paddling.
Steve was in the best boat for the conditions with his low lines resulting in less impact from the wind.

We had noted that the sandbars were not as large or as prevalent as in previous years, so when we spotted a dry sandbar with a firm sandy bottom for unloading the boats, we called it home.  One of the other parties that launched with us also landed here.

My canoe was tied down and loaded with most of the gear while my tent went alongside with some protection from the prevailing wind. Four sand anchors and a deadman plus two tieoffs to the canoe made sure the tent didn't go anywhere. (And yes, the rain fly did go on right after this picture was taken to help keep most sand out of the tent.)

Some of the folks found an easy route up onto the bottom behind us and hiked down to Ten Mile Canyon.

Once again, we were treated to beautiful colors as the light changed on the canyon walls.

Water flow for the day was approximately 2330 cfs with winds forecast for 20 knots from the south with gusts to 40 although I don't think we saw that high of gusts.


  1. Loving being on the river trip! Our big trip down the San Juan was back before cell phones in 1997. How are you managing the blog? Is your laptop tucked away in the canoe or are you using your cell phone or tablet?
    We are needing to get out on the are reminding us of what we are missing!
    Love the picture of the canyon walls!

    1. There isn't any cell connectivity on the river so the posts are actually done after the fact. I'm at home posting about the trip I just finished while BJ and a couple of her very special friends just started a week long trip on a shorter section of the same river.

    2. Oh! I was having a hard time with seeing a laptop in a dry bag!

    3. Helen had a laptop on the trip. She's experimenting with portable power sources for it, expecting to actively blog from the river on her March Grand Canyon trip using a sat phone for the data connection.

  2. Nice. Waiting on the next installment.

    1. Thanks! Glad to see you've been able to get back on the road.