Thursday, October 10, 2013

Green River, Day 7

We weren't on the water until after 10 a.m. on our seventh day. The mud slowed down loading but it didn't matter - it was going to be another beautiful day.  The cliffs were changing with the White Rim cap becoming more prominent.

With the river continuing it's slow and steady flow towards the confluence with the Colorado, we didn't need to work hard to make progress.

It didn't take too long before we spotted our first view of Turk's Head. It took longer to find an access route through the tammies so that some of the first timers could see that special place. Some of the rest of us floated in the shade, eating lunch version 1.0.

Once everyone was back in their boats we continued downstream past Dead Horse Canyon

eventually arriving at the remains of the sandbar in the center of the river at about mile 15.5. We had quite a conversation and decided that while it wasn't wonderful, many of the typical sandbars were much smaller this year so we decided to settle for the "bird in the hand."

The mud was dry enough to walk on and there were enough good spots scattered around to get the tents up just as some relatively stiff afternoon breezes started adding interest. There was a lot of wood on this sandbar, unlike most of them.

Later, we gathered around to look at the stars, watching for satellites and shooting stars. A great way to end the evening.

Water flow today was approximately 2,080 cfs.

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