Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dredging up History

I've been busy the past few days scanning photos, slides, and film from Mother's collection. A lot of it is reasonably current, i.e. the past 30 years or so, but occasionally I hit pay dirt. Old black & white negatives that I'd never seen. I guess it's pretty obvious where I get my love for farming, (late 1940's or very early 1950's)

animals, (about 1936)

trucks, (late 1940's or very early 1950's)

the outdoors, (September, 1954)

or camping. (about 1963)

While the scanning project is mostly boring, every now and then I run across something that really makes me appreciate my parents and my heritage!


  1. Love the camping pictures and of course the tractor pics as well!

    1. I'm hoping to find more of both, but not much so far.

  2. Here I thought I was going to have to write to Ellensburg...But she already knows..
    I personally love old photos..Anyones...