Sunday, November 2, 2014

That Should Do It

Sometimes I'm not terribly bright. I was about three days into this project and couldn't figure out why I was so sore. It eventually dawned on me that brushing the elastomeric coating under and over the wall flashing was involving deep knee bends every two feet. After a couple days I was able quit the ibuprofen!
The first coat was really thirsty and I figured I wouldn't have enough product on hand.

The second coat went on much easier. There was some question as to why I started where I did. I frankly didn't even think about the bedroom downstairs - the sun was coming up and shouldn't everyone be up? Daytime temps were running high enough that it was a waste of time to try to work much beyond 10 a.m. - the coating would start drying on the roller.

I'm not looking forward to doing it again, but I am very pleased with how the project turned out. We ended up using 85 gallons and I was smart enough to not carry the other 15 gallons up the ladder! It will be interesting to see how much difference the reflective white makes in our utility bills.

We've committed to a week of dog sitting and then maybe we can hit the road for a short trip.


  1. Doesn't look like a lot of you will be glad when it's all done!

    It seems that life is made up of having fun traveling or not having fun working on the least that's our life!

    1. I'm glad to be done with the project and really glad that we didn't do it in the middle of the summer! More traveling and less working on the house would be nice.