Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Give Thanks

I'd returned earlier than I wanted from the Arizona Strip trip because I'd been invited to a clandestine early Thanksgiving celebration.

I asked what I could bring and without question they wanted some of my roasted veggies. Of course, I didn't think about pictures until they were on the coals.

They did turn out nice, but in my mind not as tasty as when they're done on top of the can of trash can turkey, but

in this case, they'd barbecued the birds

and were boning them out when we got there.

It was nice to see many friends, and to see that with no support, the rank and file were doing everything they could to maintain the culture.

Lots of food, lots of great conversation, and lots of plates with decreasing contents. I'm really thankful that the culture of caring continues. Congratulations to all the folks that made this happen.


  1. Veggies look awesome. I might have to try and talk you out of the recipe. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family.

    1. Nothing magic - assorted veggies into aluminum foil packages (tightly sealed) with "some" olive oil and "some" water. Takes about 40 minutes directly on hot coals. I put it down with the seam on top for 20 minutes and then 10 minutes on each side. The three "logs" had about 13 or 14 pounds of veggies total. Potatos, onions, yams, green beans, carrots, sometimes some garlic, salt, pepper, and anything else that's handy. Two logs will fit on the top of the trash can turkey if you're doing turkey as well.

      Can also be done with hamburger mixed in - then I usually do in individual packets and put the hamburger on the bottom & cut back on the oil & water.