Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Part is Done

On Tuesday, I put in my last day of work on Helen's Dory. Tony and I started off the day sanding the chines and then installing the chine rub rails.

With the rub rails in place, we started sanding the rest of the boat. Seriously, Tony used two sanders, at least on the bottom of the boat.
We got the bottom skim coated before lunch. I used slightly thickened epoxy to overcome the significant texture - even after sanding - of the 17 oz. cloth. The thickened epoxy has a milky tint.

After lunch Tony went to work on fabricating the bow and stern handles while I continued skim coating the sides.

Not welded yet but you get the idea. The handles will bolt to the bow and stern posts using the same holes that the "flipper" attach points used.

Tomorrow, Tony will be back on the sanders, doing the final sanding to the skim coat before starting to apply the three coats of paint to the hull.

Meanwhile, I'll take my house and go home. I've got to get it cleaned up before we head to Quartzsite for the annual gathering of fiberglass trailers.

If you want to see similar dories in action, I highly recommend the Historic River Boats Afloat report of their 2012 trip through the Grand Canyon.

The boat we're building is based on the Susie Too which was built for a 1962 trip highlighting the impact that proposed dams would have in the Grand Canyon. The original Susie Too was renamed the Music Temple and used commercially in the canyon for a number of years. It now is part of the museum collection at the Grand Canyon. An Oregon built replica of the Susie Too went on the 2012 trip. Helen's boat will be painted the same, at least for this first trip.

We are planning to be at Lees Ferry for Helen's trip launching in early March. In addition to this boat, a replica of the Flavell II currently being built, and the replica of the Portola which was built for the 2012 trip will be joining her along with several rafts and catarafts. I'll make sure to post some pictures from rigging day and launch day.

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