Saturday, February 1, 2014

What's Next?

BJ and I were wandering around the other day on the north side of Apache Junction. She had noted some new houses going in midway between our house and the Superstitions, so we drove out to see what was happening. That led to wandering through a desert neighborhood that we'd never visited before. Some beautiful views and lots of saguaros.

We spotted one very stately saguaro, and then realized it was actually a cellphone tower. (The one on the left.) It appears that this is a new installation that hasn't gone into operation yet.

Now that I'm done with my part on Helen's dory, I'm ready to start the next project. This time it will be a boat for Kathy, my typical bow partner on Green River or lower Colorado River trips.  It's the Wood Duck 12 design from Chesapeake Light Craft.

We hauled a bunch of stuff from my garage to hers today and got the strongback and work table set up. We'll actually start on it after BJ and I get back from the Quartzsite Gathering.

The boat will be a "stitch and glue" hull with a cedar strip deck. As usual, we'll follow the plan closely, but the instructions loosely.


  1. Hey, John. David and I are totally in love with the Superstitions...tonight will be our 6th night at Lost Dutchman SP. The houses around the "Hideout" are beautiful and very expensive, I imagine!
    Your boat building is awesome! See you soon.

  2. Nice looking kayak John. It has fine lines and should handle real well. I like the length too.
    I'll be watching your progress.

    1. I think the boat is a great choice for Kathy. It's going to be a fun build.

  3. Beautiful sky behind the cell tower. Have fun at Q. Looking forward to following your build. Post lots of pictures.

    1. Going to miss you two but we'll have fun at Q. I told Kathy I retained blogging rights so should be lots of pics except for the sticky parts of the process.