Friday, February 14, 2014

Just a Taste of the River

Greg Hatton built a replica of the Portola for a 2012 50th anniversary replica trip through the Grand Canyon. He and his boat will be on the upcoming March trip through the Grand Canyon along with Helen's replica of the Susie Too and a replica of the Flavell II that is still under construction. The Portola and the Susie Too are sister boats, sharing the same hull form but with different bulkheads.

Greg just shared a link to a great YouTube video that includes pictures from 1962 of the original Portola, Susie Too, and Flavell II boats as well as some great footage of the Portola and a different version of the Susie Too from the 2012 trip. Grand Canyoneers I962-2012 - It's well worth watching!

Meanwhile, the pile of gear in the bedroom keeps growing and the length of my list keeps shrinking so I guess we're headed the right direction. Nineteen days until we launch!

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