Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fiberglass in Quartzsite

Thursday evening at 5 p.m. I counted 50 eggs. By Saturday morning at 7:30 there were 81 eggs and a few more have wandered in during the day. This picture was taken Friday morning from the upper mine site on Dome Rock.

The Quartzsite Gathering is known for the laid back atmosphere. It was almost surprising to see a schedule, even if it was on a white board! Each event seemed to draw a good group of people.

Unlike earlier in the week, we started to see some diversity of manufacturers and some of the 13 foot trailers. The Outback and the Boler both came from British Columbia.

There was an Egg Camper

and a Compact Junior. There were several of the single axle Escapes as well as at least three Escape 19s.

A Burro arrived, making it at least six brands that were represented by a single trailer.

Several Scamp 13s showed up including Dave & Paula's rig that was sporting a For Sale sign later in the day. It's a very nice, basic rig with a birch interior and a wide dinette / bed.

We even had a brand new Trillium join us. Turns out there is a dealer in the Phoenix area representing them.

In town there was a display of Oliver trailers - a used 17 and a pair of new 22 foot units. They certainly represented the Oliver's reputation for fit and finish very well!


  1. Looks like a good group of "eggs" being represented!!! Enjoy!!

  2. I always thought of Quarzsite as being ugly, but your photo from Dome Rock makes it look like a postcard. I am not one for crowds at all, but seeing all those eggs made me wish mine was clustered together with them! :)

    That Scamp 13 will probably sell fast. The deluxe models are just beautiful.

    I also very much enjoyed seeing the other brands.

    Am curious as to how Oliver will do this time around. I hope they well!

    1. The rep said they were getting lots of orders for the 22 footer - so many that he wondered if it would limit the factory's ability to start up 17 ft. production again.

    2. That makes sense since the only other place to get one that size is Escape.