Sunday, January 19, 2014

Latch the Hatch

For much of the last couple days it didn't seem like we had much progress to show. On Saturday we got the hinges mounted for the two side hatches and got the bottom side and the edges of the hatch lids glassed.

We got the rear seat hatch lid fitted and the trim epoxied in place and figured out the location for the bilge pump and the list of parts needed for that installation. Haven't started fitting the bulkhead hatches yet, but they'll be easier than the hinged lids - I think...

We got fore & aft decks sanded and the the left side hatch glassed before the end of the day. We were pleased to have guests checking out our progress around mid day and the neighbors stopped by at quitting time to check it out and invite us to dinner. Nice!

The next day the back seat was glassed, the fore and aft decks were filled with another coat of resin,

and the right side hatch deck was glassed.

Nice and shiny, but sticky, moving the next projects outside to avoid getting sawdust in the curing resin.

While Tony started working on the splash guard design, I started making jigs for fitting the latches into the deck lids. These latches are something that definitely wasn't on the original boat!

The epoxy finally cured enough that we could start cutting and couldn't resist doing one set. The latches fit, nicely recessed into the hatch lid. It only took two tries on each of two jigs to get them right!
We confirmed that the larger centralised single hatch design works with the original location of the splash guard before quitting - just in time to watch the last quarter of the Seahawks game.

Tomorrow I head home again for a couple days. I'm thinking that about one more long week on this will have worn out my welcome both here and at home.

On a different note for our long-time readers, Turk had a piece of bone about 1/2" long work out through his skin today. A left-over from his mauling in Fairbanks this summer. A vet visit is on the schedule for tomorrow.


  1. Excellent work you all! Thanks for the many photos!

  2. Replies
    1. Sounds like you had a good trip. I should be back tomorrow evening.

  3. On my way over now to see the boat and get a list of what I still have to order. Have quoted 3 trips for large groups while trying to get ready to get out the door to head over. But all clothes from the trip in the wash and most gear unpacked. Hope Turk is doing well. The trip was only marred because you and Tony not there but we had a good time. Walter's Camp road so bad took hour to drive it each way and great to see Kathy and Willie. Safe Trip up and hugs to BJ

  4. Love the project.
    Pets to Turk.

    1. Thanks, Bob! Turk got a bunch of lap time and pillow time from me in the time I was home.

  5. I am really digging the hinge detail on these hatches. Do you have any more photos of the hinge design, the double seal, or that angled cut rim and combing by the hinge mount. I imagine that was designed so that the bottom of the hatch clears the combing when opened? Ive been trying to design hatches like this and would love to see more detail if you have pics. Nice work on the boat. Looks great!

    1. Sorry, Chris. I don't have more photos and I'm pushed right now to get a kayak finished and the trailer packed so that we can get out of town. I'm still trying to come up with a better design for sealing hinged lids - it's much easier with hatches that remove entirely.

  6. Fair enough. I have a few ideas after looking at a few builds. Trying to make the lids seal at the top of the combing and the bottom of the hatch with slanting gutters below that which will hopefully taking water down and out and not into the hatch. Trying to figure out how best to hide the hinge into the back of the lis as you guys did here. Im worried that if i have a tight fit that the bottom of the hatch trim will hit the combing on the fulcrum point as it swings open. It looks like you guys may have angled the back hatch trim and combing to deal with this? Did a few drawings tonight and think it may work