Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dory Progress

On the last day of 2013 I headed back to Bullhead to help Tony and Helen on the dory. Tony had the three primary bulkheads cut and fitted before he left for Christmas with friends. I got glass on one side of the bulkheads before the day was over. This one is the aft main bulkhead and serves as the back of the passenger's seat.

On New Years Day we had a crew of three working. We got glass on the other side of the bulkheads and made and sealed cleats to carry the outboard side of the side hatches.

The weather has been nice enough to have the door open which has attracted quite a few folks from the area to check on the progress.

By the end of New Years Day we had the front bulkhead, the rear center section bulkhead, and the cleats for the side hatches all screwed and/or glued in place.

The rear bulkhead went in place on the 2nd and then we started concentrating on framing for the side hatches,
cutting the plywood for the inner side of the side hatches - a bit slow going since the wood fits down between ribs. Before the day was over, we had glass applied to one side of the new hatch sides, anticipating an overnight cure of the resin.


  1. It's looking good!

    1. It's slow going at time but we're making progress and the launch date is viable if we don't goof around too much.