Thursday, January 23, 2014

More Dory Progress

It felt like a bit of a slow start for me yesterday. I started by processing the recesses for twelve hatch latches while Tony worked on the bilge pump installation and rower's seat.

After planing a couple boards down and then chopping them up into smaller pieces, I was able to do a bit of assembly line work to fabricate the seal mounts for the hinged hatches. A coat of epoxy on the wood and then some thickened epoxy for the joints and clamps to hold it all in place while it cured over night.

First thing this morning the hatch doors got a fill coat of epoxy in hopes that it would cure before the end of the day. The top for the rower's seat got fiberglass installed.

The back of the rower's seat was shaped and then got a seal coat of epoxy before lunch as did the wood for the seal mounts for the bulkhead hatches.

After lunch the bulkhead seal mounts were epoxied in place. The clamps will come off tomorrow morning.

By the end of the day Tony had the rower's seat in place and latches were installed in the bulkhead hatches. Before the lights went out, we were able to install the exhaust for the auxiliary propulsion device. The seat back really wasn't designed for the rower, it was designed to camouflage the exhaust.

Hope to flip the boat over by end of day tomorrow so that we can start glassing the hull.


  1. Getting better and better .What type auxiliary propulsion device will be installed?

    1. Imaginary - we just liked the look of the exhaust tip!

  2. I got calls last night from friends who started out " don't you know you can't have motors there in March?". Good chuckle was had by all...