Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Dory

After the long weekend in the northwest and a doctor's appointment first thing this morning, I headed back to Bullhead for more work on Helen's dory. They'd make lots of progress while I was gone - forward deck support structures built and installed, three coats of epoxy paint in all the hatch areas, the inwales permanently installed, the outwales fitted, and lots of other stuff.

Santa Claus in the form of the guy in the brown truck showed up several times while I was gone. I unwrapped the 36 yd roll of 17 oz. tri-axial fiberglass cloth and started cutting pieces right after lunch

while Tony removed the outwales from the boat. They need to be permanently installed before the fore and aft decks can go on, but that's before the outside of the hull is glassed, so ...

We ran glass about 6" wide down the length of the boat before installing the port outwale for the last time. When we do the rest of the glassing on the hull, it will be trimmed at the lower edge of the outwale, overlapping the glass that we installed now.

Once the port side was completed, we flipped the boat the other way and did the same process to the starboard side.

By 6 p.m. the outwales were back on the boat for the last time. Tomorrow we'll start installing the foredeck.


  1. It is really coming together now!

    1. It's going to be a very tough boat with beautiful lines.