Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mountain Views

We left Newberg and headed to Hosmer Lake. One of the Tres Amigas was campground hosting there and we couldn't pass up a chance to see her. We'd stayed in the area a couple years ago and had fallen in love with Hosmer Lake. This time, we stayed in South Campground at Hosmer Lake. Diana suggested for our first paddle that we paddle Sparks Lake for even better views.

BJ took Turk in her boat. In the background, you can see imagine the lovely view of South Sister. We had fun teasing Diana about her weather selection, but the reality was it was her day off.

We did spot a couple bald eagles (the upper one is an immature bald eagle, I think) sitting in a tree,

and a couple very nice boat-in campsites. This one is hidden in the trees behind the canoe.

This one was much more open with a view across the large southern body of Sparks Lake.

Turk was not fussing, but he was making it very clear he wasn't consulted on this idea. If looks could kill...

As we paddled to the northern body of the lake, the clouds were taking on some definition, but still a long ways from letting the mountains show off. Access to the northern section of the lake is seasonal. Right now the lake was high enough that we could slide through the shallow spot without a portage.

Diana got a picture of the three of us just before it started to rain. Knowing we were planning to paddle on another day, we decided there was no need to continue on day one.

The first view out the window of the trailer on the morning of our second paddle showed frost on the table and fog obscuring the lake.

BJ and I were peeling off layers before we launched. The locals thought it was shirt sleeve weather. This time it would be a 'ranger talk' tour of Hosmer Lake. Of course, the rangers were the only ones not wearing PFDs. I could suggest a reason why, but they were both really nice folks.

South Sister and Broken Top made an appearance on the horizon.

Several of us made it all the way up Quinn Creek to the falls. When we tried this two years ago, we were stopped short by lower water.

In spite of the morning fog, we could see the mountain and our campsite - just had to use a kayak to get the right angle.

Fun, relaxing, and we each found something we wanted. I found a couple very old caches and BJ found a quilt shop.

Now it's time to head for home - starting out by heading northeast.


  1. Looks like a nice paddle.
    Was wondering how you dealt with the water tax thingy? The muscle tax thing, like you said awhile back just another tax. Did you break down and pay it or what? :O)

    1. Oregon apparently has proof that invasive species only like boats over 10' long. Short boats are exempt from the requirement. :-)