Saturday, July 9, 2016


We had a beautiful day in store as we headed north out of Idaho Falls towards West Yellowstone. Rather than taking the highway the whole way, we turned off in Ashton to take the scenic route which rewarded us with our first (and last) view of the Tetons for this trip.

We did a short hike along an old rail line to the remains of a short tunnel on the mountain side above the Warm River.

Of course, there was a geocache involved, this one dating back to 2001. With the geocache found, logged, and replaced, we continued on towards West Yellowstone.

Our first stop was Bakers Hole campground about 3 miles north of town. We snagged one of the last sites (it's all first come, first served) at 2 p.m. After dropping the trailer, we headed out to wander around the area a bit.

I found the speed limit signs to be unique. This was posted along the main road, but it left me wondering if it only applied to snowmobiles, or expressly included them. I'm not sure who gets the duty to do radar enforcement of the snow mobiles.

Many of the motels in West Yellowstone had some sort of western theme and quite a few had neon signs. I don't think the Round Up was operating, but the Dude across the road was w elcom e (ing) guests. I don't know why they had the weird spacing in their Welcome sign.

First thing in the morning, we headed east, intending to transit the park. Almost immediately we encountered road maintenance in the form of striping in process. The signs were clear to stay off the fresh paint but the Cornhusker fan in front of us couldn't read, comprehend, or drive well enough to avoid the fresh paint. They were on the stripe more than they were off of it, but the white treads on the right rear tire did have a bit of designer style.

The clear, cool morning made the steam stand out.

We didn't see any bear, but we did see other wildlife of the four legged variety.

I wanted to stop for a picture at Fishing Bridge in part because there had been one in my parent's collection from the early 50's. Now there's No Fishing off the Fishing Bridge.

Maybe it was the weather that allowed for longer views, but I loved the area east of the park.

We routed through Cody because someone had mentioned a quilt shop in Cody in their blog. Cody was in the process of getting ready for their big rodeo the following weekend, and horse trailers were already gathering at the rodeo grounds.

Home for the night was a little RV park in Thermopolis, specifically so we could plug in the Air Conditioner. After a couple months of cool, often rainy, weather, we were suddenly starting to feel the heat.

Wind River Canyon was beautiful but difficult to drive because I wanted to watch the river that ran along the road most of the way.

We stopped at Hell's Half Acre to see what it was all about. Turns out, it was a miniature version of Brice, complete with hoodoos, but it's apparent claim to fame was that it was "Planet P" in the 1997 movie, Starship Troopers. As I understand it, 4 people saw the movie...

Our last overnight in Wyoming was the most expensive. Sierra Trading Post provides free overnight parking in their lot in Cheyenne, but who could resist a visit to their Outlet Store? Fun!


  1. Sure is pretty out there. Makes me itch to be on the road.

    1. I really enjoyed Wyoming - need to spend more time there!

  2. Hey John, did you happen to notice that 2 NFS campgrounds East of the park have electrical and water hook-ups? 1st come..We were lucky to find them on a 4th of July weekend a few years back.With the geezer pass, what a deal!!
    Did you try the free hot springs in Thermopolis? They only let you stay for 20 min. unless you have a note from your doctor..Don't want to take the $$$ from the commercial screaming dogs and barking kids places...
    Have Fun!

    1. I didn't pay any attention to the NFS campgrounds on the east side. By that time, we were headed towards the barn. Bakers Hole had a number of W/E sites, but they were all full by the time we pulled in there. Thermopolis, like lots of other towns, deserved MUCH more time than we gave it. I could easily spend time wandering the small towns east of the Rockies.