Friday, July 15, 2016


Some may ask why we went so far out of the way on the way home. It's not our fault. Friends we hoped to see in Western Washington moved back to Colorado while we were northbound, so we HAD to come home via Durango. At least they listened when we asked them to make sure their new house had a place for moochdockers to park.

They even made sure the town put on a fireworks show for us. Much better than last year when they weren't there and it was wet and stormy. This year was beautiful and shirtsleeve warm.

We had a chance to wander around town a bit, watching the various rafting companies and their clients enjoying the Animas River through town.

One of these days I'm going to actually go to Durango with an appropriate boat on the rack. BJ said I could go to 4Corners Riversports and buy some thigh braces for the sit-on-top, but I took a pass.

Turk enjoyed some walks with us, especially when he got to flop in the grass.

As we pulled out of town after 3 days of fun and friendship, we got to the railroad crossing just in time to wave to the train.

How soon can we go back?


  1. Always nice to have a place to park in such a great town like Durango. Do your friends need some new friends? ;-)

    1. It was great digs but the parking spot blocks their garage so I doubt we'll leverage it that often. I'd put Madden Peak Road east of Mancus at the top of my list.