Monday, February 1, 2016


Everyone knows that BJ is crafty. I decided to try my hand at some different crafty stuff to leave as swag in geocaches. When BJ saw what I was doing, she immediate got me a 5/8" punch which makes this process much easier.

Using the stamp that has my geocaching name, and some scraps of BJ's scrapbooking paper, I made label pieces and then glued them to clear or colored glass "jewels." On the clear ones, I glued them so the name can be read through the glass. On the opaque ones, the label is read from the bottom.

The final step was gluing wiggly eyes onto each bug. A slow process if you make one, but it goes pretty quickly if you set up a production line.

I like them because they are different, cheap, and easy to carry in my pocket while doing a group of caches.

I also messed around with some alphabet beads, but that project won't be repeated. The mix of letters in the bag had no semblance to the rate at which letters are used. There were many more U's and Z's than there were O's or E's!

I did build up another gadget cache before I left on this trip. The very large geocaching gathering in Yuma includes a contest for homemade caches so I thought I would throw my hat in the ring. I call this one "Push My Buttons." It should be noted that BJ has very few buttons left in her sewing supplies now, but I asked this time!


  1. You are truly a man of many talents. Great surprise to see you yesterday. Heading toward Boreggo Springs tomorrow. Promises better weather than around Yuma. See you and B J next week.

    1. Enjoy your time in California. It was chilly here but that made for better hiking for me. I'll be heading north soon.

  2. Love the googly eyes... Sometime, ask Corey about his crafting ability with googly eyes!