Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring is Here!

After we got back from Quartzsite, BJ and I ended up spending a couple mornings in the Hawes Trail area. We both commented about how green the desert was - partly because its much more lush than the desert along Arizona's western border, and we thought that the unseasonably warm weather might have an influence as well.

Some of the area could pass for developed desert gardens given the variety of species. Saguaro, ocotillo, brittle bush, creosote, chollo, jojoba, palo verde, and the list goes on.

There were little spots of color if you kept an eye out. Blues

and yellows predominate

but there's some reds and oranges as well.

Creosote was blooming and our noses noted it as we sniffled.

Even the unusually twisted saguaro guarding a cache seemed to be enjoying the weather. I doubt the heat will last this time, but it won't be long and the heat will be back for good.


  1. Lovely to see the wildflowers dressing for early spring! If Facebook is the source of truthiness, then today is your birthday. Hope you enjoy a beautiful spring day!

    1. I'm really enjoying this spring weather although the flowers are fairly few and far between, here. Thanks for the birthday wishes.