Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stillwater Canyon - Day Six

September 28, 2015 - We departed Turks Head at 9:45 heading down river. The high clouds were obscurring most of the blue sky, muting the colors.

We passed a gaggle of rafts at the high water camp on river right at RM21.2. They had launched from Mineral Bottom and drifted through the night to get here so they could have 3 days to hike in the area. Turns out, they were the source of the banjo music some heard at 3 a.m. at Anderson Bottom.

In spite of the cloud cover, the reflections on the water were nice.

The parrot started drooping. By this point in the trip he's got his head almost resting on the top of the groover. I wonder if he got into something?

One of the challenges of the Green River is reading the channel. The river is muddy enough that you can't see anything below the surface. I ended up walking about 20 feet before the water got deep enough again. Most of those that weren't laughing managed to pick a different line and not run aground. I considered it a public service to show the others where NOT to go.

The left side of the sandbar island at RM15.5 was home for the night. We could have gone much further, but we were trying to stretch our time in the canyon. This was the view looking back upriver.

Alan demonstrated his preferred cool-off technique. Walk out more than knee deep and then fall in.

Others took advantage of our scratch-built shade structure to work on their notes.

Before long, all the gals were in the river for their afternoon cool down.

Alan and Julene demonstrated their experience with tent site selection, insuring they had a view and could take advantage of early morning light.

I must report that Ascot wasn't able to find our camp this evening. He must have been tired of Kathy's flirting with him.

Here's Alan's RunKeeper graphic of our progress for the day.

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