Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bulldog Canyon View

Several years ago the doc told me that I needed to walk every day. Walking around the block is boring, so now that temperatures are dropping back to sane levels, I've been out wandering the desert, sometimes with BJ, chasing geocaches.

For this hike, we headed out to the Meridian Road trailhead and headed up the hill. If we'd gone left we could have intersected the back side of the Pass Mountain trail in Usery Mountain Regional Park, but I'm saving that for cooler weather. Instead, we'll work our way up to the top of the pass overlooking Bulldog Canyon.

Every walk is different. Every trail seems to have Saguaro, and every trail has views. In this case, our view was to the south with Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in the distance.

The lower part of the trail didn't have much slope and had a pretty good surface. The upper portion of the trail was much rougher, and steeper. We were going to go to the top and work the caches on the way back down, but when we stopped for a breather the GPS said a cache was 17' away, so we found and logged that one while we were resting.

On a clear day you can see forever. On a day like today, not so much.

We crossed the pass, and then located the cache high on the east shoulder, coming back through the saddle to locate the cache on the west shoulder. There are lots more caches down there in Bulldog Canyon, but I'll approach those from the Bluepoint access.

Seven caches, 4 miles, 800' elevation gain, and fun times with BJ. I can check my walk off for the day. Can't ask for more!

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