Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I've been duped!

If you've followed our travels much at all, you've discovered how much I enjoy history and rust. As I too quickly cruised through Valles Caldera National Preserve the other day, I spotted the remains of some buildings in a picturesque valley. I had to spot and look closer.
There were three buildings, in various degrees of decay. The first building was a wood frame building, the second a log building with a frame false front, and the third false fronted building still held some shape, but perhaps not for long.

I liked the corbel detail, but there was something about the window frames that just seemed a bit fishy.

The most shapely building looked interesting from the left

and from the right, but that corner didn't look right.

Boards were falling off the walls, or were they?

At least there were some panes of glass remaining, but still...

At some point, whatever roofing was originally used had been removed and replaced with plywood.

And then I noticed what I was looking for. The nails holding the trim work in place were not correct to the period of the building.

As I left the Preserve, I asked the gal at the gate about the buildings. Turns out, the buildings had been built for the Buffalo Girls TV film in 1995.

And this one wasn't real either. Apparently Hollywood has found the place as picturesque as I did.

I'm bummed! They looked better when I thought they were real!


  1. Cool! You stretched your definitions of real and history. :) Rock on!