Thursday, September 24, 2015

Desert Wandering

We've lived in East Mesa for 15 years now, and for all that time, we've driven past Prospector Park in Apache Junction. Now that the weather is cooler (read - less than 100 degrees), we've visited the park a couple times for walks in the desert.

The park is about half way between our house and the Superstition Mountains. AJ doesn't charge for access to their parks, unlike Lost Dutchman State Park or some of the areas of Tonto National Forest.

There are some footpaths and horse trails that wander through the desert as well as a gated road that provides access to the high tension power lines that come to the valley from the dam at Canyon Lake.

We've combined wandering and walking with geocaches. This one was one of my favorites - a tape measure, bobber, and lure hanging high in a tree. It was intended to be accessible using a long stick, but the lure had wound around a limb in the high winds last week so I had to climb the tree to get it. The log was in the yellow "bobber."

Another cache was located in a cowboy boot, and was filled with kid friendly swag. The cache owner put a lot of effort into this one to make it kid friendly.

Of course, a cowboy boot isn't weather tight, so this Bailey's canister was inserted in the boot. Looked pretty adult friendly to me!

We spent quite a while looking at this saguaro. The top looked perfectly healthy, but the lower section of the main trunk was deeply scarred. I think it was disease rather than birds, but I've never seen anything like it. Sure looked like a good geocache host to me!

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