Monday, September 21, 2015

Trailer For Sale or Rent

A little while back, one of BJ's friends gave her a jigsaw puzzle because of the subject matter. Vintage trailers with over 1000 pieces.

Plenty tough, but this one was circular, with the picture wrapping around the sides of the box and the label covering up part of the picture. Never one to avoid a challenge, BJ jumped right in. The outer border didn't hold together to well, but she got all the obvious pieces in place.

When something like this shows up on the table, I usually get real scarce. Trying to fit the right pieces together, just so you can take them apart again, takes more patience than my limited supply can handle.

It took three days for it to progress to this point, even with my help. (I managed to put in about 8 or 10 pieces.)

On the fourth day, it really started coming together.

Down to everything except one Airstream.

All done!

My favorite tow vehicle was the Studebaker pickup, with the Chevy (or GMC) pickup above it my second choice,

But this was my favorite trailer. Loved the eyebrow windows, even if they would be miserable to maintain over time.

Roger Miller's 1964 "King of the Road" immediately came to mind when I saw the sign. It's been a lot of years since the calves I was raising would enjoy their hay to his music!

And just in case you're wondering, NO, the Scamp isn't For Sale or available to rent!


  1. What a GREAT puzzle! That looks like lots of fun. But of course, now I won't be able to stop singing that song during my "two hours of pushing broom." LOL!

  2. Wanda loves jigsaw puzzles. She puts a thousand piece one together in a couple days during the Winter months. The harder, the better, is her motto. As for me, I couldn't finish one for ten thousand dollars. "Buys an eight by twelve, four-bit room"....jc

  3. BJ has some very nice friends to give such a lovely present but I'm with would wind up in the trash within two or three hours. Patience is not in my DNA.