Friday, February 6, 2015

The Quartzsite Gathering Grows

I'd wanted to get photos of the growing group each day from the same point, but the group got spread out enough that I moved my location. If you look real closely, there is a Casita in the distance right about the top left corner of the door on the Casita in the right foreground. I counted 46 trailers when I walked through after taking this photo.

Of course, there are lots of Casitas in clusters.

The next three Scamps that came in also clustered together, I think because Joy picked a good spot.

On Thursday, the registration tent officially opened. It served as a place to collect the soup cans for the Saturday soup pot, and as a distribution point for a couple buckets of lemons.

The proprietors of Little House Customs stopped by to say hello on their way home from a trade show in Las Vegas. I really enjoyed meeting Larry for the first time

The Scamp count grew to five on Thursday afternoon when this '38 Ford showed up towing a Scamp 13. With 280 watts of solar on the roof, he is able to run his refrigerator on 12 volt during the day.

The Thursday group shot from nearly the same vantage point as Wednesday. There are at least two rigs out of the frame to the right, and lots hidden by trees and large rectangular shadows. I think there were 60 rigs when I counted after the photo, but it's getting hard to keep count.

The panoramic shots are 4000 pixels wide. Open them in a new window if you want to study them.


  1. So happy to have been a part of this again. Also happy to have spent time with you and BJ again. You are two special people.

    1. We loved our time w you and Wanda. Lets plan for some river time next year. Safe travels home.