Monday, February 23, 2015

A Minature Fiberglass Gathering

Lynne & David contacted us to let us know that they were back in the area for a few days and invited us out to Lost Dutchman to share their bonfire. We saw it as a wonderful excuse to get rid of some more of our bumper crop of citrus - and a great chance to spend an evening with friends!

We managed to get there about the time the sun was starting to set, which made for some nice pictures of the Superstitions. Turns out, Lynne and David were hosting a miniature fiberglass trailer rally. An Escape from Washington, a Scamp from Arizona, and Casitas from Tennessee and Kansas were represented.

There's been lots of blog discussion lately about the "hike" to Flatiron. Let's just say the second half of the "hike" is more vertical than horizontal!

As the sun got lower on the horizon, the mountain turned to gold - but not the Lost Dutchman's gold.

David got the fire started (with just one match and no cheater fluid)

just in time for us to ooh and aha about the colors of the sunset.

They were located in the "overflow" (aka serendipity) loop. Rumor has it that this loop will go into the reservation system in the future. Too bad, became some of the best views are currently from the serendipity sites.


  1. To me, those small meet-ups would be so much more enjoyable than a big rally. Glad you had such a good time!

    1. We've enjoyed the big events (Quartzsite & Oregon Gathering) that we've attended, but small meet-ups lead to better conversations.

  2. Finally got another post done...(I am posting at BJ's Basha's) Just now reading yours!

    Come see us if you have time, will be in the parking lot tonight and tomorrow night.

    1. Just got home from a long day with Rebuilding Together and planning to spend tomorrow in west Phoenix at the Good Sam RV rally/show, so I think we'll take a pass this time.