Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Inflatable Fun

We have some good friends who live in a depressed area, at least as far as international household retailers are concerned. We told them that they were always welcome to stay with us when they needed a shopping fix. They made their initial stop on the way into town and then showed up at our house.

The next morning, they needed to pick up a package of inflatable fun at Rocky Mountain Rafts' warehouse. The warehouse was just that - a warehouse. They did have one 12 foot raft inflated

as well as one of their new solo inflatable kayaks. They're now building a tandem IK as well, but it's not on their website yet.

It didn't take too long to find our target. There were quite a few boats neatly packaged in the warehouse and RMR was expecting another large shipment "any day now" which could have made the hunt of this package a bit more challenging.

Since their rig was already partially loaded with shopping spoils from the day before, we took BJ's car. It came within 1/2 inch of being a mistake.

As a token of our esteem for these friends, I took them to our favorite breakfast place on the way home. We don't tell everyone about this place -- the waiting line is long enough as it is!

With a bit of shuffling of the results of the first phase of their shopping, we were able to load the big box of fun on top to hold everything down. Now they know exactly how much room they have left for their final pass through Swedish aisles before they head home.

With a big blue store scheduled to open in Las Vegas in 2016, we're going to have to work on another excuse to get them to visit. Maybe our secret breakfast place will be enough draw. Or maybe we'll see them on a river.

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